Farne Islands

Published: Wednesday 10th Feb 2016

Written by: Jackie Forsyth

The Farne Islands are a spectacular venue…..

for birdwatchers and photographers, its great to take the kids they won’t come any closer to wildlife than here especially if you take a landing trip.

Often at the end of March the first Puffins have already arrived and are inspecting the burrows in readiness for the breeding season (photo courtesy of the Farne Island Rangers) and our friend Andrew took this fantastic video of the guillemots coming back around the same time, so from then on there’s lots to see on the Farne Islands, and as the breeding season progresses, a variety of other birds take up residence, pufflings hatch and the guillemot jumplings launch themselves from the cliffs for their first swimming attempt if you are there to witness this event you wonder how so many of them survive.

Find out just what wonders await beneath the waves with this 10 minute video from our friend Ben Burville – an officionado of all things underwater at the Farnes, he often consults with BBC, and other Nature programmes when they come to film in these waters.

Andrew Douglas runs Serenity and offers sail arounds and landings you can book at his office in the cabins on the harbour in Seahouses or ring : 01665 721667 William Shiels operates operates the Billy Shiels Glad Tidings boats and has a booking office next to Barclays Bank in Seahouses Tel: 01665 720308 Hanvey’s Farne Islands Boatmen operating the MV St. Cuthbert and offer a special family rate, they can be contacted on 01665 720388 Golden Gate Farne Island Boat Trips offer various trips and sail arounds including landing on Longstone Island with a guided tour of the Longstone Lighthouse Tel: 01665 721210, eves & winter 01665 721819. Dogs are allowed: Golden Gate Longstone Island landing trip and Farne Island Cruise no landing. Hanveys allow dogs on boats and the Longstone Island landing. Other trips may accept dogs please ask at the relevant cabin on booking. Landing Charges There is a fee payable when landing on National Trust Islands, National Trust Members free of charge. Stay Northumbria guests receive discounted rates on a number of boats – details will be available in your cottage.

Jackie Forsyth



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