Seal pups arrive on the Farne Islands

Published: Saturday 1st Oct 2016

Written by: Stay Northumbria Team

This little archipelago off the North East coast of Northumberland can be one of the most inhospitable places you could wish to visit as we enter the windy, stormy winter months, but it is here that a large group of Grey Seals choose to live, mate and breed,  with pups arriving into this trecherous environment and the challenges of survival begin.  This year’s first pups arrive in October,  weather permitting, boats working out of Seahouses will carry passengers on Seal and Paleagic tours even at this time of year, so, although not for the feint hearted, these little guys may be seeing their  first visitor sooner than you might think.

THIS VIDEO ADDED 8/2/17. NOTE CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS IS NOW PASSED BUT WE LOVE THE VID – SO ENJOY…… thanks Cosmopolitan – its even better than the Burt Reynolds double spread!!

Stay Northumbria Team



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