Possibly the shortest and crumbliest Shortbread…

Published: Wednesday 12th Apr 2017

Written by: Jackie Forsyth

More new additions to our guest welcome packs, this time Laura Hindmarsh, Head of Housekeeping has been on the lookout for the sweet treats for our packs this year. She’s been busy over the last few weeks which have seen deliveries of all sorts of tempting things pass through the office. – We are now all on pre-summer diets because of it. So we’ve tried cakes of all shapes and sizes, tray bakes and biscuits – odd flavours, new flavours, and strange flavour combinations, some really really lovely chocolatey, gunky, gooey and mouthwateringly great things to tempt our lucky guests.  But when all came to all, an old favourite triumphed, but goodness what a lovely sweet treat we have instore for arrival days from Alnwick based “This little Farmer”.  A traditional family shortbread recipe, baked at home to order.  These biscuits just couldn’t be crumblier, tastier, or more tempting, you can’t just have one, and accompanied by a lovely cup of Northumberland tea, just majic, well done Laura on finding this one.

Jackie Forsyth



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