We’re Roasting in Northumberland

Published: Wednesday 12th Apr 2017

Written by: Jackie Forsyth

We love meeting our suppliers and finding new ones is a great adventure.  General Manager Lisa Herbertson, has been looking out for some new items to put in our welcome packs for guests, something local, something useful, and really tasty.  Last week she turned her efforts to finding some great coffees.  Gone are the days of leaving our guests sticks of Nescafe instant, or even a jar of Dowe Egberts – we want to provide something that’s been lovingly sourced and produced locally.

Step up to the plate Jonny and Andy, the guys run their roasting rooms out of Pilgrims Cafe on Holy Island, and following a bit of detective work, Lisa sussed out that the boys actually import coffee beans, roast and blend, package and despatch all from their Yurt in the grounds.

We’ve learnt that its actually a skilful art to get that great cup of coffee, the right quantity of grounds, the exact amount of water carefully drizzled over the top at just the right temperature. Jonny and Andy are both pationate about getting the right process and quantities to get the best taste possible out of the beans.

So, following a tasting session, where we were shown exactly what was what, we now provide “Daily Bread” a lovely blend of Brazillian and Peruvian beans, ground to a medum consistencey for cafetiere and filters to a handful of our cottages.  We are offering our owners the opportunity to come on board and do the same, so soon many of our guests will not only be able to have a nice brew when they arrive, but can also purchase to take home, or visit the Island (tides permitting) to taste some of the other blends for themselves.

Thanks guys can’t wait to be guinea pigs for your next blend tastings…

Jackie Forsyth



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