19 days out in Northumberland

“Northumbria Days Out” – is a photo eBook which has been compiled to assist the visitor or the curious native in the enjoyment of our wonderful county. Having guided visitors all over our county for the last too many years with my “Not Entirely Sure Tours” company I have compiled a photo eBook to take my place, and guide you through my favourite places so that you may enjoy the OUT part of your holiday. This guide is by no means definitive and contains my personal observations and asides which may brighten your days and take you to places which will linger in your memories long after you leave. So when the dark nights come you may open up this eBook and once more enjoy Northumbria - it’s all yours!

Keith Taylor

The "Northumbria Days Out" eBook features over 380 pictures illustrating your guide to the famous sites and hidden gems throughout Northumberland.

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You can also order a printed copy to be in your cottage on your arrival for £5.99 from Northumberland Cottages, just ring 01665 600850 and have it added to your booking.