We at Northumberland Cottages love our fish, the North Northumberland coast is an enormous resource from which to harvest most of the top ten fish that chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is trying to get us all to eat so taking the pressure off the big three - cod, salmon and tuna.

There are loads of other tasty species out there off our shores, many are caught up in the fishing of the big three, and what happens they have to be thrown back - DEAD.

Our local fishermen are all behind the abolition of discards as they are known - what a waste - just ask them when you see them on the local harbourside or in the pub, they'll tell you just how it is.

So when you stay at a Northumberland Cottages holiday cottage why not take the chance to try these tasty morsels - Fresh landed Crab, lobster, prawn. Beautiful mussels, oysters and mackrel all caught just a few miles from your cottage, fresh today and on your plate tonight. And of course don't forget to try the famous Kipper - check out here for some tasty recipes.

In Seahouses you can buy fresh locally caught seafood from one of Rick Stein's food heros - Swallow Fish visit their Fisherlasses Kitchen and by arrangement you can even take a look in the smokehouse, to see how the kippers are smoked in the traditional way - no yellow dye and preservatives here, just natural goodness on a plate. You'll also find some tasty recipes to try on their website too.

In Craster L Robson & Sons also operate a traditional smokery and also have a shop where the locally caught produce can be purchased, they also create kippers here,  a golden feast,  just herring smoked in the old way.

And, in the local food markets, in Alnwick, Berwick and Morpeth you'll find good quality fish being sold from refrigerated vehicles - usually from Eyemouth, or Shields.

If you haven't already done so why not join the fight and sign up to Hugh's campaign to stop the senseless waste of good food and check out his website for other interesting fishy facts.