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Marketing & Rental Only

Following our initial appraisal, we will carry out a detailed marketing plan for your property, based on your own individual requirements and our extensive market research. 




We don't believe in operating with predefined price bands or grids, your property is individual and we will structure your pricing accordingly to maximise you potential across the year.  These prices are not fixed and can be amended at any time of year, but they will take into account regional trends, events and the influences of your direct competition.


Competitive Commission & Fees


Our letting only service is provided to owners on a fixed commission rate of 18% +VAT.  Our one off joining fee, and our annual administrative fee ensure that your property information is projected  accurately and effectively and updated whenever required.


Every Picture tells a tale - and makes a sale


Over 95% of customers choose their holidays online, photographs are one of the most important ingredients to marketing your holiday home. We pride ourselves on delivering some of the best quality images and source photography from a number of local experts as well as our inhouse team.  Tracy Bloxham is our specialist set photographer -  as Houzz 2016 photographer of the year, she is outstanding in her field and her images are worth their weight..... 

General photography is provided free of charge to owners.  Specialist set photography is charged on a half day rate.


Detailed Property Descriptions


Our property details are concise and to the point - we don't believe in over flowery copy, or long winded waffle, but we don't give you bland either. we tell it how it is and provide accurate information and a "feel for the property" from which guests can easily assess the merits and suitability of the property to their needs.


Advice and Guidance


As industry experts in our region, we are best placed to offer you guidance and advice on how to elevate the appeal of your property and how to meet the expectations of today’s customer. We will work closely with you to ensure you make the most of your holiday home investment.


Stay Northumbria.co.uk


Your property will feature on www.staynorthumbria.co.uk our premier website. Constantly climbing in all the major search engines, our website is optimised to feature highly in county searches, as well as specific wide and narrow searches, as experience has taught us that most customers have chosen the county but not necessarily the exact destination they wish to stay in. 


Additional Online Exposure

To extend our reach and showcase your property in front of as many potential customers as possible, we also work with some of the most successful affiliate marketing websites and online advertising platforms.

Social Media

Our social media prescence is growing fast, and we are active daily in updating our presence to our followers - we engage with our social media audience through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube 

E- Newsletters

Our database of repeat and interested customers receive regular newsletters keeping them up to date with new property editions, special offers, competitions and what’s on locally. These newsletters are a highly effective method of constantly engaging with our customer audience and as such our levels of repeat business continues to grow year on year. We are proud to say that our open rate is more than treble the national average for e-newsletters in our industry. 

Traditional Print

Whilst the internet makes up for the majority of our marketing we still recognise the importance of maintaining a presence in printed media. We advertise only in publications where we can accurately monitor our conversion results and ensure that our marketing budgets are always well placed. Utlising the quality media, such titles as Country Living, Coast Magazine, Sainsbury''s Magazine etc.


Bespoke Print

We have moved on from environmentally unfriendly, heavy and cumbersome brochures to a format that is individually tailored to the potential customer, engaging and far greener in terms of paper consumption. Some customers still enjoy leafing through glossy brochures and therefore we offer a bespoke literature, tailor made with properties to meet the customer’s chosen wish list and requirements. The information is immediately forwarded to them as an email allowing them to begin the process of choosing their holiday cottage, those without email/internet facilities receive a hard copy via post.


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