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What's the difference

A contract is a contract is a contract - not so....


We don't believe in lengthy contracts with penalty fees and charges, our contract is one of the least restrictive we've come across and we'd hazard a guess its the least restrictive agency contract in the North East.

We want you to stay with us because we work well together, not because you're tied to something that doesn't work for you and our contract is in place to protect both parties in the event your circumstances should change.

In most cases, if you feel that you want to break free we would help you leave as painlessly as possible. Our only stipulation being that you honour those bookings which we have taken for your property.


Total control! - not if it doesn't work for you


We aren't control freaks - we are comprehensive, we are flexible, so property owners like yourself are free, if you wish,  to manage the aspects of your property you want, while letting us deal with all the bits that you don't - leaving you in total control.

From furnishings to book-keeping, our friendly, helpful team are here to put your mind at ease and make owning and managing your holiday cottage as simple, and as enjoyable, as possible.

Marketing, letting, change over services, laundry, property management - you choose.


Round the Clock


Once your property is up and running it becomes a 24/7 operation - and that is why our team is available to you and your guests around the clock. Our telephone lines are answered from 8.30-5.30  every day and our out of hours line is available for guests outside these hours when we know that boilers will break down, pipes will leak and occasionally guests will lose their keys.

We know we are better placed to cope with these situations because we do it locally on a day to day basis.

This is something, as a property owner, you should expect from your agent.


Our owner services


Advice on Legislation and Compliance

There are certain standards and regulations that you must meet in order to comply with current legislation when you let your holiday home to paying guests. We're here to guide you through each and every requirement, so we'll ensure that prior to letting you've covered all your legal obligations.

Online Owner Portal

Our online owner management area allows you to monitor and access a wide range of information and reporting.  Our portal also allows you to monitor your guest feedback. In addition you are able to block out dates on your calendar for owner use, or maintenance at any time of the day - or night, so when you've had a meal with friends and decided in the wee small hours that you'd all like to get away for a weekend, you can go online and block those dates there and then. If you've chosen to mange the property yourself our housekeeping facility means that you can see the guests housekeeping requirements on every booking.

Monthly Settlements and Finances

On the 28th of each month you will receive a monthly settlement of balances of holiday payments completed within the settlement month. You will also receive a monthly statement providing details of outgoings and payments to you.

Property Support

Our support doesn’t end after your first season, as we will continuously monitor your bookings and carry out regular performance reviews, liaising with you offering advice and guidance, to maximise the potential of your holiday cottage.

Customer Services

We’d like to hope that things won’t go wrong, but if they do we won’t leave you to pick up the pieces and deal with a difficult situation on your own. Our customer service team are on hand to lend support should you need assistance.

Guest Login

Manage your booking 24/7 - Don’t worry - if you need to make a payment, add party details or extras, view extra info, its easy. Register here once and then login any time to do all these things and more...

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