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The Art of Dressage at Alnwick Castle

Sat 25 May 2019 - Mon 27 May 2019

Witness an exquisite display of beautifully maintained horses, demonstrating the movements, airs and graces, that have made dressage as we know it today!

Experience the art of dressage being brought to life through this dramatic performance of flexibility, balance and obedience by El Caballo de Espana. Staged against the spectacular backdrop of Alnwick Castle, observe intricate displays of circles, turns and leaps whilst listening to live spoken commentary from the international dressage trainer Peter Maddison-Greenwell.This thoughtful demonstration navigates the evolution of English dressage, from its humble beginnings in the medieval period to its modern style and usage. Learn more of how techniques and manoeuvres performed by cavalry during battle in the Middle Ages have heavily influenced the modern-day sport we see today; as well as learning more of the preparation required to train a horse to this standard.